F-5 Aircraft

JDS has been supporting the F-5 aircraft for over 11 years. JDS began by providing parts to the USAF F-5 J-85 engine contract holder. JDS capabilities have grown to encompass the entire aircraft from engine kits to engine, structural, pneumatic, hydraulic, avionic, landing gear, flight control, weapon systems, ground support equipment, life support, consumables, and rotables. We have relationships and agreements with MRO for F-5 engines, avionics, fuselage, and GSE.

ENGINE KITS JDS is an USAF approved manufacturer of nearly J85 engine accessory kit. JDS engine accessory kits are designed for the repair, overhaul and maintenance of the fuel delivery and control systems, hydraulic pumps, variable exhaust nozzles actuators and electrical and electromechanical systems.

ENGINE PARTS JDS manufactures and supplies engine components for total support of the complete series of J85-GE engines.

PNEUDRAULIC JDS manufactures and supplies nearly all pneumatic and hydraulic system components and can custom manufacturer kitting solutions for you exact needs.

STRUCTURAL PARTS JDS manufactures and supplies nearly every structural part and component for the J-85 engine and can customize kitting solutions for your needs.

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